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Coffee and Espresso Catering

Espresso Catering and Coffee Catering for your next party or corporate event!

What's Great About a Coffee Bar?

It is proven that people love coffee and espresso. So why not give the people what they love at your next corporate event or party? It is a great way to keep the event going and your party entertained. Some parties open bar may not be a necessity and coffee can very much fill that spot for your guests. 

Gelato Bar

Gelato is a proven party favorite. We have many different flavors of gelato for your guests to choose from and the experienced staff to better serve your guests. Our gelato is home made and tastes great!


    Weddings, Private Events,    Parties and much more....

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Gelato Catering

Our gelato is sure to please your guests. We have been making our home made gelato for many years now and have been satisfying guests for all of those years. Check us out today and have us host your next party. 

Catering at all Levels

Take advantage of our services:

  • Ice Cream Bar
  • Gelato Bar
  • Gluten Free Gelato
  • Artisan Gelato
  • Coffee Bar Catering