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the Luxury gelato bar

You can bring our delicious home made gelato to your next event. Our gelato bar is great for your next wedding, corporate party, private event and any event you wish to have a luxury gelato bar at. You have a great opportunity to wow your guests with great dessert from -4 Degrees Celsius. 


Coffee and Espresso Bars are a great for parties and corporate events. Our experienced baristas serve coffee beverages to invigorate and delight the senses. Expertly crafted, in-house roasted premium coffee for your guests to enjoy. You don't need to worry about finding baristas either, our baristas have the experience needed to entertain and serve your guests. 

Who doesn't love a sweet treat? Our Venetian pastry bar comes decked out with a variety of freshly prepared miniature pastries of your choosing! Looking for more? Take it to the next level by upgrading to full-size desserts. From freshly filled cannolis to cake pops, we've got you covered.

the venetian
pastry bar

Variety of gelato flavors

We have so many gelato flavors to choose from. Our variety of flavors is sure to please and we are certain that your guests will find something they like. Our flavors are expertly crafted and are made for our guests to love.